BastaYaPR Foundation and Community Support since 2011 - 2015.

¬°BastaYaPR! Foundation

A non-profit Puerto Rico corporation created by Marie and Luis Romero after their son was murdered on April 18th, 2011, the day of his 20th birthday. The purpose of the foundation is to reduce violence, in keeping with their son's commitment to justice and service to others.


Our mission is to transform the behavior and habits of the civil society and the public sector in Puerto Rico by promoting crime prevention and bringing the guilty to justice in harmony with the right to life. Our vision is to eradicate violence and aggression to preserve life.


We use social networks and Web page as a communication and project work tool among BastaYaPR friends. We develop and support projects as a community effort.

Coast Guard Mobile App

Dedicated to USCG Auxiliarist Julian Romero 1991-2011.

This mobile application was provided by Basta YaPR, Inc. to the United States Coast Guard as a gift in memoriam of
USCG Auxiliarist Julian Romero.

The Coast Guard Mobile App supports these missions by providing the essential services and information most commonly requested by boaters.


The above activities will be carried out in coordination with the law enforcement, education and rehabilitation institutions in Puerto Rico. A large group of volunteers (mainly youth) are being recruited to assist in the above activities.


BastaYaPR! Trayectory

  • Julian Romero 1991-2011

    The Raise of a Movement

    BastaYaPR, Inc. is a non-profit charitable foundation (503(c)1) created by Marie and Luis Romero, the parents of Julian Romero after his death on his 20th birthday. He lived his life true to the highest principles and lost his live during a valiant act of heroism as he came to the defense of his girlfriend that was attacked by a assailant.

    From a tragedy raise a movement.

  • BastaYaPR!

    Who are we?

    Young and mature citizens commited and united with one clear direct objective:

    Reduce and Fight Crime.

    It's all about saving lives

  • Justice

    Law Enforcement

    Justice System Review - A "Think-tank" dedicated to study criminal justice system issues, evaluate police statistics, conduct surveys, evaluate legislation, publish scholar studies, undertake research, participate in forums and evaluate issues related to the reduction of violence. Teams composed of students and teachers or professionals in the legal, criminal justice, psychology, and social science fields. Research, analysis, development, and publishing of criminal justice related matters. Development of think-tank in criminal justice subjects. Sponsoring of students through scholarships and internships.

  • BastaYa Zone

    Be Secure and Free of Crime

    Creation of Safety Zone areas that join municipalities, business, state government, communities and Corporation resources in order to improve the safety and enjoyment of the designated areas by the general population. Zona Segura Basta Ya ("Basta Ya Secure Zone") is a collaborative effort that includes municipal government, businesses in the designated area, state government and Basta YaPR whereby a given area receives the designation after it meets a rigorous screening criteria and all parties sign an agreement. The objective is to create the appropriate environment in that area so the attendees feel secure to enjoy what the area has to offer.

BastaYaPR! Battle

Enough is Enough! Enough murders and rapes. Enough of a society that fears for their lives. Enough of thinking that the value of a human life is anything but infinity. Enough of limited crime prevention efforts. Enough complacency in our society. Enough family abandonment and failure to reinforce the values. Enough of the drug cult that corrodes our society.

Development of mobile applications and processes to help the citizens report crime incidence to the Police Department and others.

Download the App and collaborate with law enforment agencies to reduce and fight crime.


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